Pacific offers the following Lead-related services:

Lead Paint Testing

Lead Paint is common in older homes and buildings and poses a threat to human health, especially in children. If you think you might have a lead paint problem, call today to schedule an inspection.

Lead Paint Inspections

See Testing above.

Lead Surveys

We can inspect your property for any type of lead. Lead can be found in a variety of materials, but more commonly in paint and pipes in older buildings.

Lead Consulting

We can help you manage all aspects of your lead hazards, lead testing, and lead abatement.

Lead Abatement

We have nearly 2 decades of experience in safely removing lead containing materials from buildings of all types. We are properly licensed and follow all federal and state regulations.

Lead Paint Abatement

Lead Paint hazards are well known, and pose a strong threat especially children. To have your lead paint issue resolved safely, call us today for a free estimate.

Lead Paint Encapsulation

Lead Paint Encapsulation is the process of covering lead paint with an encapsulant to prevent further exposure, as much as possible. Though we recommend abatement and not encapsulation, we are able to provide this service if requested by the client.